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CA Group is committed to a Sustainable Refrigeration & HVAC Industry.

The Refrigeration & HVAC Industry is currently going through a Phase Down of Synthetic Refrigerants that significantly contribute to Global Warming.   

Aus Government: Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase-down Plan

Refrigeration & HVAC Industry Facts

  • The Refrigeration Industry consumes 22% of this country’s generated electricity. It is the main contributor to maximum demand requirements in Summer months.
  • The Refrigeration Industry contributes 13.5 % of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Refrigeration & HVAC is on average in excess of 40% of your electricity bill.
  • Refrigerant Management been identified as the number one solution to global warming.

Project Drawdown - Highlighted Refrigerant Management as the #1 Solution to Climate Change

"Cold Hard Facts" - Australian Government Review of the HVAC&R Sector in Australia highlights the industry size and reach

CA Group promotes the use of Natural Refrigerants to our clients, as they provide a range of benefits including:

  • Sustainable
  • Future-Proof
  • Reliable
  • Energy Efficient

In most cases where a direct comparison is done, a natural refrigerant solution will have a higher capital cost, but generally a shorter lifecycle cost and reasonable ROI due to longer lifespan and less energy use.

CA Group works closely with globally leading natural Refrigerant solutions providers to ensure the best outcome for all projects.

The Natural Refrigerants Company - Supplier of Quality Natural Refrigerant Solutions