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CA Group are focused on maximizing efficiency and performance. Refrigeration & HVAC systems in many cases are an essential part of business, as well as a direct cost. A recent study on commercial refrigeration systems in Victoria found that more than 60% of systems measured had at least 1 fault or inefficiency.

CA Group offer a range of measuring and analysis equipment to help maximize output and minimize cost.


CA Group are proud partners with ClimaCheck Performance Analyzer systems.

ClimaCheck offers total solutions for performance inspections, analysis, and monitoring of heat pumps, air conditioning and cooling compressors. If you want to conduct temporary measurements at the start of operations, service or inspections, you can use our portable equipment. Within 30 minutes of connection you will have complete documentation and analysis of the equipment’s performance and the functions of all components. The mobile solution gives store and property owners, contractors, and consultants immediate and precise answers as to how heat pumps, cooling and air conditioning units perform.

Using the Climacheck System, CA Group can measure and optimize any Refrigeration & HVAC system including: Refrigeration systems, Chillers, Heat Pumps, Packaged HVAC systems, Rooftop HVAC Systems, and many more!

Analysis Services

  • Measure – System measurements can be carried out for various reasons including system performance benchmarking, system fault finding/analysis, new installation commissioning assistance, etc…
  • Optimize – Once a benchmark is set, a system can be optimized according to its design specification or use. System Re-Commissioning, tuning of mechanical components or controls can further increase system efficiency and/or performance
  • Verify – Independent verification of measured results for efficiency projects or works
  • Evaluate – Custom evaluation of system existing performance, possible areas of improvement, and development of improvement strategies

Case Studies

International Case Studies published by ClimaCheck can be found here.

Local Case Studies Coming Soon...